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Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Cleaning the Pulp of a decayed tooth is known as Root Canal Treatment. Decay in a tooth may reach the roots (pulp chamber of a tooth which contains Nerves and vessels) leading to pain and discomfort. To prevent the tooth from further decay, the decayed part of the tooth needs to be removed and mechanically cleaned. After a thorough cleaning, we fill the tooth with an inert material and put a permanent restoration to restore the tooth to the function.


Re-treatment RCT

After an RCT procedure, some teeth may not heal as expected or may develop a new infection, needing Re-treatment. This usually occurs when the initial treatment did not remove all of the infection; when decay again accumulates in the treated area; or when the tooth becomes cracked or loose and is exposed to a new infection.


Usually, an R.C.T is enough to save an infected tooth but sometimes, it may not be sufficient to heal the tooth and the surrounding tissues. In such cases, a surgical procedure known as apicoectomy is performed. During the procedure we surgically open root apex through gums, remove the infected tissue, clean the root tip and seal the root with a filling.

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Traumatic Tooth Fracture

If you’ve chipped or fractured your tooth’s crown, it’s likely it can be repaired either by reattaching the broken piece or by putting a tooth-colored filling in place. If a significant part of your tooth crown is broken off, an artificial crown or “cap” may be needed to restore it.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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Why Do I need RCT or Root Canal Treatment?

If your tooth is decayed and it is painful, that means decay has reached the pulp of the tooth. In such cases, roots are cleaned of any infection and restored with inert material, procedure is called  ROOT CANAL TREATMENT.

Why to save a decayed tooth?

Teeth help in chewing food and speech. If you get your tooth removed which can be salvaged, it will affect your other teeth as well your normal oral functioning.

Is R.C.T a painful procedure?

RCT is done under local anesthesia. In case of a long-standing infection, you may require some medications before the procedure.

Why can’t we just take medicines for tooth pain?

Medicines can take care of the pain as long as you take them. But medicines can’t remove the cause of the problem. For a permanent solution, you need to get the procedure done.

How many Appointments does the whole procedure require?

1st appointment- Examination and Xrays.

Removal of tooth Decay and Cleaning of

roots & temporary filling and medications.

2nd appointment- Cleaning of Root Canal and Permanent Restoration.


3rd appointment – Prep. Of tooth & Impressions for Crown.

4th appointment – Cementation of Crown.

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