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Are Dental Procedures Painful?

All Dental Procedures are not Painful. Extraction and Root Canal treatment procedures are painful but always preceded by local anesthesia to make the tooth or part of the mouth numb. Local anesthesia makes the procedure very comfortable.

Does All Dental Procedures require Local Anesthesia?

No, only a few dental procedures like extraction, RCT, Dental Implants or Gum surgery requires local anesthesia to make the procedure Painless & Comfortable.

Is Local anesthesia Painful?

The area is sprayed with numbing spray and then local anesthesia is administered with the help of a thin needle. The numbing spray makes the procedure comforatble.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

We Use AERB certified DC-Xray Dental units which are safe and only require very low levels of radiation exposure. Also, a Lead collar and apron are used before any X-ray exposure, which makes the risk of potentially harmful effects null.

Is there any Home Remedy for Dental pain?

There are some home remedies for dental pain but they provide temporary pain relief. Pain always comes back after some time. For Permanent relief, you have to visit clinic.

Is it necessary to cut tooth structure to remove caries?

Caries is the decayed part of the tooth that is removed or cleaned and replaced with an artificial tooth-colored inert material. Removing caries does not affect the strength of the tooth rather prevents further deterioration.

Is Root Canal Procedure necessary for my aching tooth?

If the caries are deep and have reached the Pulp of the tooth, it starts aching. R.C.T (Root Canal treatment) is the choice of treatment to save the tooth and maintain it in the oral cavity. It can be confirmed with the X-rays.

Is a Cap or Crown necessary after Root Canal?

Usually, an RCT-treated tooth requires a crown after completion to restore its complete form & function. In some cases where sound tooth structure is present, we can restore it with Composite filling only.

I have a missing tooth. Is it necessary to get it replaced?

It's always better to replace a missing tooth. Missing tooth leads to multiple problems like tooth spacing, tilting of adjacent teeth, food lodgement, supra-eruption, etc. To maintain good oral hygiene and health, its better to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Which is better - Dental Implant or Bridge?

A dental bridge has its own limitation when compared to Dental Implant. A dental bridge requires the preparation of an adjacent sound tooth to fix it. Dental Implant preserves the adjacent teeth as well underlying Bone.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are for everybody. If you have missing teeth and need fix replacement, then you are a candidate for Dental Implants.

Is Dental Implant a costly Procedure as compared to Dental Bridge?

Dental Implants are slightly expensive when compared to dental bridges but are a long-term and conservative solution to missing teeth.

My Wisdom aching . Is it safe to get it removed?

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in an awkward position hurting adjacent teeth, gums, and bones. It's always better to get them removed at the earliest.

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