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How Loose Dentures affect the health of elderly?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Removable dentures are not the first choice of treatment for any patient. We prefer fixed teeth for our elderly patients before we consider removable dentures. Removable dentures tend to become loose over a period of time leading to serious side effects like: 1. Malnutrition: Chewing food becomes a challenge with loose dentures. This will either develop unhealthy eating habits or the elderly just refuse food altogether causing malnutrition. 2. Difficult Mastication: Inability to take fruits & vegetables weakens the immune system and deteriorates physical health. 3. Gum Problems: ill-fitting dentures rubbing up against gums can cause pain, swelling, or ulcers further deteriorating oral & general health.

The solution to Loose dentures is to make new dentures or to Opt for Implant-supported fixed Dentures. For Consultation regarding Dentures and Implants, contact our Implantologist @ Dental Arch Gurgaon.

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