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Medical Visa

The Government of India offers Medical Visas for the citizens from other countries who are suffering from a medical condition and would like to have the same treated in India. However, not all treatments qualify for the same.

Additionally, a visa-on-arrival system for the nationals from a few countries has been instituted by the Government of India which allows them to stay in the country for 60 days for medical procedures.

Who can apply?

Eligibility and requirements

  • Visa is given to a patient if the treatment is sought in a hospital/facility/ specialised centre which is recognised by the Indian government.

  • A Medical Visa can be used only for medical purposes.

  • All medical documents and details are thoroughly checked by the Indian officials.

  • Some ailments and procedures which would get most importance for the approval of the visa are radio therapy, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmic disorder, renal disorders, joint replacement, congenital disorder, heart surgery, gene therapy,ayurvedic treatment and organ transportation.

  • To be eligible for the visa, the medical treatment has to be recommended or referred to by medical professionals in the parent country. The patient must possess the official document of the referral as proof.

  • The passport of the patient must be valid for a time period of 6 months beyond the duration of stay in India.

  • Visa can be applied for two attendants who would be given a Medical Attendant Visa with validity for the same duration as the patient. The attendants should be partners or blood relatives of the patient.

  • Any international patient who is arriving in Delhi within 6 days of departure from a country designated as Yellow Fever Epidemic Country by the WHO should have a yellow fever certification of vaccination or prophylaxis in the format approved by WHO itself from a center designated as a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre by the parent country. (The same is mandatory for patients traveling from African countries). The patient must also have a written record of vaccination for Polio, ideally using an IHR 2005 International Certificate of Vaccination or prophylaxis from a government hospital/facility administering OPV.

  • It is mandatory for the patients arriving under the Medical Visa to register themselves with concerned FRROs / FROs within 14 days of arrival. Our International Patients helpdesk will help with the procedure.

  • The attendants of the patient with a Medical Visa will get a miscellaneous visa equivalent to the Medical Visa, called MX Visa. The attendants with MX Visa have to register themselves with FRROs / FROs within 14 days just like the patient with a Medical Visa has to. Like other attendants, similar rules apply to attendants with MX Visa.

  • Paragraphs 106 and 118 of the Visa Manual give mandatory requirements to be followed by the citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh while applying for a Medical Visa to India.

Documents required

  • A passport with validity beyond 6 months of stay in India

  • Recent passport size photos

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Proof of address

  • Copy of online application form

  • Proof of relationship with the attendant

  • Recommendation or reference from a doctor or a medical center

  • Medical Letter from the chosen hospital in India

For more details, click here

How to get a visa

  • Visit the Indian government’s link for filling the visa application form.

  • Fill the application form and take it to the Indian Embassy along with all the necessary documents mentioned above. The visa will get approved within a few weeks.

  • Patients can check the availability of e-visa in their country by clicking here

Duration and extensions

  • The duration of the visa starts from the day of its issue and not from the day of the patient’s arrival in India.

  • The initial time period allowed by the visa would be either 12 months or the time required for the treatment, whichever is lesser.

  • Extensions of the visa period can be sought for 12 more months with a letter stating the same from the medical facility/center. State governments or FRROs will issue the order for an extension on the basis of a recommendation from the medical facility the patient is being treated in.

  • If a longer extension is required, then the recommendation from FRRO and the medical facility will be addressed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.


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