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COVID SAFETY Precautions at Clinic

The COVID -19 outbreak has come as a sudden shock but we are sure, we shall overcome this crisis. At Dental Arch, we have improved and enhanced our existing infection control protocols and procedures.

Pre-treatment Screening

Patients and Visitors take Prior appointments on phone and reach 15 mins prior. All patients are asked to share travel & medical history. Thermal scanning, Oxygen saturation level monitoring, and PPE are provided to all patients before entering operatory.


Disinfection Protocol

All surfaces, Dental chairs, and used equipment are disinfected after every appointment with 1% Hypochlorite Disinfection solution acc. to International Guidelines.

Instrument Sterilization Protocol

We Adhere to international sterilization standards. All instruments are cleaned, packed, autoclaved, and stored in UV Light chambers to maintain sterilization.


PPE Personal Protective Equipment

PPE for Dentists, Patients, and Assistants We use standard PPE’s for all dentists, dental assistants, and Patients to prevent any cross-contamination between patients and staff.

Air Purifier and High Vac Suction

We are using High Vacuum suction to minimize aerosol generation during dental procedures and air purifiers to clean the air and reduce the risk of infection.


Bio-Medical Waste Disposal

Bio-Medical Waste is collected by authorized agencies and dispose of acc. to WHO BMW disposal guidelines. The clinic has obtained NOC from the Haryana Pollution control board for the same.

Clinic Fumigation

Complete clinic premises are fumigated after appointments to ensure the elimination of all forms of microbial life.


Your health is our top priority. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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