Smile Designing
Smile represents a person’s ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of the teeth and lips. It often determine how well a person can function in society. Of course, the importance given to a beautiful smile is not new. The search for beauty can be traced to the earliest civilizations; both the Phoenicians (800 BC) and Etruscians (900 BC) carefully carved animal tusks to simulate the shape, form and hue of natural teeth. It was not until the 18th century that dentistry was recognized as a separate discipline and its various branches were established.

The objective of an esthetic makeover is to develop a peaceful and stable masticatory system, where the teeth, tissues, muscles, skeletal structures and joints all function in harmony. Achieving a successful, healthy and functional SMILE requires an understanding of the interrelationship among all the supporting oral structures, including the muscles, bones, joints, gingival tissues and occlusion.

Components of Smile Designing
  • Teeth whitening with laser
  • Gummy smile correction
  • Treatment of black gums



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